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The pandemic sweeping the nation has highlighted the ongoing need for healthy, volunteer blood donors, particularly from the younger generation so, help the University Blood Initiative fight against COVID-19.


Blood centers across the country needed donors #NowMoreThanEver. The COVID-19 pandemic caused over 45,000 blood drives to be canceled. We encouraged all eligible donors to do so because a shortage affected millions, including anemic, transplant, cancer, surgery, sickle cell, trauma, and pregnant patients. There is no alternative for blood.

In response, we launched our COVID Code Red campaign to support blood centers and the healthcare system at the start of this pandemic. The goal of this campaign was to start a social movement to bring greater awareness and rally young people nationwide to advocate for their local centers. UBI leadership provided support to those volunteers or Code Red Responders. Responders had the opportunity to make a substantial impact on the health of their community and give back during that hard time.

Code Red Responders.

As a Code Red Responder, you will:

  • Communicate with your local center 

  • Engage in specially crafted social media engagement

  • Contact local organizations and leadership  

  • Problem solve with other responders across the country 

  • Have the opportunity for long term involvement

  • Responders also professionally benefit through participating in the COVID Code Red Campaign. By connecting to your local center representative and volunteering your time, you can obtain networking connections in healthcare and volunteer hours to enhance your resume and personal skill set.

Code Red Centers.

The COVID Code Red campaign exists to support the blood centers by: 

  • Accurately informing the community on the development of COVID

  • Spreading social media awareness of the center and need for blood donation  

  • Driving new local donors during the crisis

  • Maintaining local donations throughout the crisis and beyond 

  • Have the opportunity for long term involvement 

Sadly this movement is no longer running but if you still want to help consider Joining a Chapter or Starting a Chapter near you!

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