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We will end blood shortages to prevent more unnecessary deaths. 

Blood supplies around the world are unstable. Shortages of donor products are unfortunately not uncommon even during the best of times and threaten the lives of patients everywhere; from maternity wards to trauma units. 

Lack of engagement of young and diverse populations is one of the many reasons for this crisis. However, there are other deeper causes.

Over-reliance on national blood systems, as opposed to local and independent centers, exacerbates the situation by decreasing transport efficiency during emergencies and patient outcomes all while increasing costs of care. 

Moreover, current blood systems are outdated, lacking innovative, modern solutions from engagement to data management.


That’s where we come in.


The University Blood Initiative's vision is to revolutionize the blood world.

Our mission is to establish a fiercely collaborative network of strong, local, and independent blood centers at the cutting edge of society, systems, science, and social and public policy with the shared purpose of achieving a sustainable blood supply for the good of all.



We believe in the importance and power of diversity, not only in the donor pool, but also within our organization.


Our team actively recruits for and empowers voices from all backgrounds and life paths to discover and discuss the ideas that will create a healthier tomorrow.


The University Blood Initiative commits to working with other organizations to move the world forward. Such actions should be recognized as a-political. We will relate all that we engage in back to our central mission of creating more modern and sustainable blood systems.


UBI is proud to partner with independent blood centers and organizations throughout the country. We couldn’t do what we do without them and their commitment to fighting blood shortages across the United States – and beyond.