Even in the best of times, America’s blood supply is less than robust. The national supply often barely meets the demands for necessary surgeries, and difficulties in distribution can lead to outright shortages on a local level. Overall blood donation rates are low, and, to exacerbate the issue, the average blood donor is well into middle age. Our blood supply is facing a steep decline in the next few years, and young donors remain far too disengaged to prevent it. That’s where we come in.


We are the University Blood Initiative (UBI) and it is our mission to empower local blood centers and ensure the next generation of blood donors by mobilizing an organized network of dedicated young leaders.  

Our movement began in 2017 at the University of Chicago. Motivated by the desire to give back to the patients at the University of Chicago Medicine, a small coalition of students formed to take on the public health challenges they had encountered. These students developed a specialized model that allowed them to succeed beyond anyone’s expectations. Within a year, their efforts increased the in-center donation rate many times over. 


Our model harnesses the strengths of the younger generations to provide a solution to the current issues plaguing America’s blood supply: low donor rates, and disengaged youth. Through our support and Responder engagement, we offer a way for local blood centers to supplement their recruitment efforts and better engage with young donors. Our chapters are centrally trained and regulated so centers can focus on the day to day operations. From organizing blood drives to spreading social media campaigns, the UBI is here to help local centers fulfill their needs.


We invite you to join our growing community and change the future of blood donation.



We understand the power of  knowledge to inspire others. We actively ensure we are speaking factually and learn new skills to enhance our work. We are teachers to the community and to ourselves.


We think it is better to try than to sit and wait until the moment passes. We have the courage to try new things. We seek out and seize opportunities.


We value our relationship with each other and our centers. In all our interactions, we demonstrate manners, understanding, and respect. 


We work better together. We communicate across levels and geography to share ideas and problem solve. We are many voices harmonized into one.


We believe in commitment and dedication. Whatever we do is done to the furthest reaches of our abilities. We are motivated by our belief in the need to support local centers; this is what unites us.


These are our great partners that we could not have started this organization without that care about stopping this growing problem across the world.

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Are there any issues you want to report or are you interested in joining our movement? Email us at inquries@universitybloodinitiative.org and the University Blood Initiative will try and respond to you as soon as possible.


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