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What Is Convalescent Plasma? 

Your blood has four main components: red blood cells, white blood cells, platelets, and plasma. People who have recovered from COVID-19 have developed antibodies in their plasma that can help others fight the disease. Plasma from these individuals is known as COVID convalescent plasma, or CCP. CCP is the liquid part of the blood. It is a yellowish fluid rich in water, salts, enzymes, and antibodies.* Historically, convalescent plasma-derived treatments have been crucial in fighting other diseases like SARS, Ebola, and even the flu pandemic in 1918. Now it is being used to fight COVID-19.


*(You’ve probably heard a lot about antibodies by now, but here is a quick refresher. Your immune system triggers the development of antibodies to help your body fight off diseases. This only happens after a person is exposed to a new disease. Since the virus that causes COVID-19 is a new threat, people who have not had COVID-19 do not have antibodies in their system that will protect them from the disease. COVID-19 survivors develop antibodies in their plasma that both help them to fight the disease and may have the power to help others to recover as well.)


Please donate your plasma today. As a COVID-19 survivor, your plasma is a valuable resource and can help in the recovery of someone with COVID. If you haven't had COVID, your blood and plasma is still in demand as we are experiencing a severe blood shortage. So go donate your blood, donate your plasma, donate your platelets, donate whatever you have. And do it today.

Diana Berrent

Founder, Survivor Corps

Why Donate Plasma?

Antibody-containing plasma from COVID-19 survivors is a key part of the fight against the coronavirus outbreak. Across the country, survivor CCP donations are being used for direct transfusions and new FDA-approved COVID-19 treatments. (Read more about plasma-derived therapy at Survivor Corps.) The donation process is safe, similar to blood donation, and has been practiced for decades.

(Even if you don’t have COVID-19 antibodies, your plasma donation is valuable! However, due to pandemic restrictions, many blood centers are prioritizing survivor and blood type AB donors.)

How Will We Push 4 Plasma?

Convalescent plasma — and the antibodies it contains — can’t be made in a lab. The only way to get more is through donation, and that’s why we need you. You’ve survived; you can help someone else survive, too. Heal it forward.

The Push 4 Plasma is working with colleges, universities, and organizations across the country to increase plasma donations in their communities. With a coordinated social media campaign, educational resources, recruitment events, and a national support network, we’re building the #DonationNation together.


Taking the lead across the country, the University Blood Initiative’s campus chapters are: 

  • Educating their peers and communities about CCP

  • Helping local blood centers directly run drives to collect CCP (and blood and platelets)

  • Streamlining normal activity, with 2 team leads per student organization

  • Organizing at least 1 drive per chapter per month, with 100 donors per drive

  • Recruiting more members of the #DonationNation


"When people understand that they have the ability to save another person's life, it's a call to action and makes almost anyone move,"

Chaim Lebovitz

CCP Community Advocate

But we’re not limiting our fight to college campuses! Anyone who wants to join the fight (even if you’re not affiliated with a university) can become a Community Champion. You’ll undertake the same campaign activities in your local community, and you’ll receive our full support in doing so.


Let's do this thing. Together.

Want to join the #DonationNation?

Use the locator below to find where you can donate Convalescent Plasma/Blood

 Join an active university chapter, found a university chapter, or become a community champion.

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